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Does Using Rich Media on Product Pages Increase Sales?

Rich media – including videos, gifs, audio recordings, and infographics – is a popular tool used to transform users on landing pages and in virtual classified ads.

Does it have the identical impact on conversion prices and sales on product pages? That’s the million-dollar question for many e-commerce internet site proprietors and entrepreneurs trying to boom the conversion fee of their own product pages.

So if you’re asking your self, “should I make room for wealthy media on my product pages?”, you’ll discover your answer to that question and more under.

Why Is Rich Media Important?

Rich media is any feature or internet site element that encourages customers to have interaction with it. This sort of content material is frequently used on landing pages, in virtual classified ads, and on product pages.

The maximum widely used example of rich media on product pages is video.

So, why is rich media vital?

In e-trade, wealthy media allows the viewer to engage with the product before they convert. This includes visualizing product set up, seeing the product in use, or even studying suggestions and tricks for nice product usage.

This isn’t a new fashion. YouTube movies for e-commerce had been round for years. However, the significance of wealthy media in product promoting simplest seems to grow.

Beyond engagement, product motion pictures and other styles of wealthy media can build trust with potential customers. After all, to look is to consider. Product films might also help to ease users’ worries or maybe spotlight features that get ability clients greater excited over the product. This basically way you may promote more along with your movies.

Perhaps most importantly, especially because it relates to the subject to hand, is that Google is increasingly prioritizing webpages with video content material. In fact, Google may additionally even flip webpages with video content into wealthy snippets. With an average conversion price of fifty eight% in comparison to 41% for non-rich results, it’s easy to see how your website may also benefit from extra video content material.

Common Product Page Conversion Methods

The use of wealthy media on product pages isn’t the only conversion method that website owners can also use.

A few other techniques encompass:

Trust badges, like an icon from the Better Business Bureau

Compelling product replica

Customer rankings and critiques

Customer-generated content material (e.G., product pics, product motion pictures)

Frequently asked questions

Estimated shipping dates

Low stock messaging (e.G., “Only 3 left!”)

There are lots of ways to boost conversion prices on your product page. We advocate split trying out to truely determine how effective every of the above methods is along with your target audience.

Rich Media: Does It Boost Revenue For Product Pages?

We recognise there are many advantages, as mentioned above, to such as rich media on product pages. We also realize that wealthy media classified ads have a tendency to peer higher conversion charges and revenue than their non-rich media counterparts. In truth, wealthy media commercials have been proven to outperform popular commercials with the aid of as much as 267%!

To honestly apprehend whether wealthy media has an impact on product page performance, although, we want to carry out evaluation throughout a couple of web sites.

What Our Data Shows Us

For our analysis, we decided on six top name-brand websites from the child sleep sack industry. Of those six websites, we selected the top-performing pages from every as of August 19th, 2022. The goal of this evaluation became to decide if movies helped improve envisioned traffic sales, among different related metrics.

In addition to rich media, we’ve additionally protected different elements which could impact the internet page’s performance.

Rich Media, Product Schema and Quality Information: Kyte Baby

On the Kyte Baby product page for the Sleep Sack in Sage 1.Zero, a video is to be had.

The website ranks for 310 natural keywords with 2.4 thousand natural visitors visits according to month. As for organic visitors value, or the revenue attributed to natural visitors visits, this page nets $21 per month.

Let’s take into account what else the product web page may do well.

First and essential, Kyte Baby does have product schema carried out. Product schema, or product dependent facts, allows Google to show product listings in a richer manner. With product schema, Google can beautify both product snippets in rich effects and merchant listing reviews.

This consists of showing fee, availability, or even ratings and opinions:

In addition, the Kyte Baby product page also includes a high word be counted (1,284 words on the page, NOT together with the 6,524 opinions for the product). This offers adequate possibility to optimize the listing for serps while imparting all vital records to customers.

Product Reviews Add Over one thousand words to Love to Dream’s Product Pages

The 2d product page on our list, Love to Dream, additionally featured a video at the product description web page at some stage in the time of our analysis. The video seems to were removed greater these days, even though our evaluation most effective focuses on the time while the video changed into gift.

The URL ranks for 579 natural key phrases, it draws in three,000 in average monthly site visitors, and it has an natural traffic revenue of $977.

Similar to Kyte Baby, Love to Dream does have product schema implemented. The Love to Dream product page has a reasonably low word depend (653 phrases), even though product reviews also are determined on the web page which adds a further 1,134 phrases to the list.

Aden + Anais: How A Small Product Image Gallery and Low Word Count Hurt Performance

The first on our listing now not to encompass a video on the product description web page, the Aden + Anais Boutique Cotton Muslin Light Sleep Sack capabilities a minimal gallery with just  photos.

The product web page ranks for 98 organic key phrases with an average month-to-month natural visitors of 122. The envisioned internet greenbacks in organic traffic revenue is $39, this means that this product web page is the second one lowest performer on our list.

Aside from the minimum photograph gallery, the web page consists of a minimum word rely (346 words) which doesn’t include the phrase matter from the sixty three opinions.

One element to word here is that the evaluations common 3.1 stars which may also account for the poor performance we’re seeing. A low average assessment matter is in all likelihood negatively impacting conversion. After all, ninety three% of consumers say online evaluations impact their buying decision. On top of that, maximum received’t engage with a business or product score beneath 3.Three stars.

Sleeping Baby: The Unseen Factors That Impact SERPs

Sleeping Baby’s The Classic Heather Zipadee-Zip Swaddle Transition® product description web page has a modest gallery (simply 5 pictures such as a size manual) with out a video or different wealthy content to be had.

With 23 organic key-word ratings, eleven in average monthly organic site visitors, and an anticipated $three in organic visitors revenue, Sleeping Baby is the poorest-acting product description page in our analysis.

This is an anomaly amongst our analyzed pages as product schema is carried out, the page has a first rate phrase count (401 now not consisting of product critiques), and it has over 2,four hundred evaluations. All other things being identical, you may count on better overall performance effects. As we realize, even though, Google is possibly thinking about dozens of unseen factors.

Magic Merlin: How Few Reviews and Sparse Product Descriptions Directly Affect Product Page Rankings

The product description web page for Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit in Cream has a gallery of various pictures, inclusive of people with text-to-outline key product capabilities. The page does now not include a video or other sorts of rich content material. The product description web page does have product schema implemented.

With 63 natural keywords, ninety common month-to-month visitors visits, and a traffic cost of just $6, Magic Merlin is our 2nd-to-worst acting product page in our analysis.

When thinking about different elements that can play a position in poor overall performance, consider that there are most effective 112 phrases on the web page and there are no critiques of the product.

Of the six listings we’ve analyzed, Magic Merlin is the only one to receive a passing score for Core Web Vitals. These are a hard and fast of factors that Google considers while evaluating the web page’s typical consumer enjoy. Specifically, Core Web Vitals measures:

Largest contentful paint: How long it takes for the primary content of a web page to load.

First input put off: The postpone in time from whilst a visitor first interacts with the web page (e.G. Clicks a link, scrolls thru a carousel) to while the browser is capable of react.

Cumulative format shift: A dimension of the shifting of internet site elements (e.G. Font, buttons, pix) at the same time as the web page continues to be loading. This can disorient site visitors.

So even as Magic Merlin plays properly in consumer experience, we will see that different factors (e.G., no rich content material, low phrase matter, no evaluations) may additionally play a bigger role.

Dreamland Baby Co.: Rich Media and Product Schema are Necessary For Product Pages

Last on our list is Dreamland Baby Co.’s product web page for the Dream Weighted Sleep Sack.

The product web page has a gallery of 15+ snap shots, but no product video is included. The product web page ranks for 538 natural key phrases with three.8 thousand in average monthly natural site visitors and an anticipated net of $640 in traffic sales.

Dreamland Baby Co. Seems to show the preceding outcomes on their head, because it outperforms the two listings with movies present with regards to organic keyword scores and monthly natural traffic.

To stir in addition intrigue, Dreamland Baby Co. Does now not have product schema carried out so it’s now not profiting from any improved Google seek results listings. It does contain a respectable word assume the page (1,029 phrases, not inclusive of the word be counted from the 3,000+ opinions).

Insights on Rich Media and Product Pages

If rich media was the be-all-give up-desirous about product page conversion, you’ll count on to look web sites like Kyte Baby and Love to Dream outperform the other ones on our listing. That’s no longer the case, but.

Kyte Baby and Love to Dream had been the third and 2d best-acting web pages, respectively. Dreamland Baby Co., a web web page with out a video and even with out hooked up product schema, finished the first-class amongst all six web sites analyzed whilst searching at normal organic keyword universe.

Why would possibly that be?

With a whopping three,000 reviews, Dreamland Baby Co. Manifestly has high engagement and excessive patron pride. These possibly play a aspect in its success within the organic seek outcomes.

So, can movies growth conversions?

While video can be a beneficial conversion tool to construct revenue, they’re satisfactory used on pages which are already well-built and functional. A video cannot make up for a failing Core Web Vitals rating or bad search engine optimization practices which includes loss of product schema. Shift your attention to your web page’s structure first and most important earlier than adding extraneous content material which includes films.


Do you still have questions on rich media on product pages? Here are a few answers to often requested questions.

Where need to I consist of wealthy media or videos on my product pages?

When it comes to displaying rich media and different videos in your product pages, the satisfactory region is in the photo gallery or carousel. This will ensure the content is above the fold and in an area where clients may think to look for them first.

What is rich product content?

Rich product content consists of any descriptions, pics, or video this is used to help both serps and character readers get a higher information of the product and its makes use of.

What is e-commerce rich content material?

E-trade rich content is an umbrella time period that includes any form of wealthy media for an e-trade page. This can range out of your simple product snap shots to greater complex services like video and augmented truth.

What are the advantages of wealthy media in content material?

Rich media has a selection of uses in content. As a start, it may provide a valuable graphical supplement to any factors you want to make to your reproduction. Some content material is higher illustrated in rich media shape than it’s miles in textual content. In addition, having rich media allows your piece to have a broader enchantment than if the piece became simply textual content.

Do product films help increase conversions?

Product motion pictures are elements that may help improve conversions if all different elements are already carried out, along with product schema and a passing Core Web Vitals score.

How long have to my videos be?

A suitable rule of thumb is to hold the video below  minutes in duration. This will make sure the viewer’s interest doesn’t stray.

Do I want to optimize my motion pictures or wealthy media?

There are a few preferred video optimization regulations to follow. These consist of the usage of a video streaming service for high-quality and pace and only loading your video as soon as all different content material elements on the page have loaded.


There is not any doubt that rich media, specially movies, can elevate your product pages. That assumes, but, that all other vital factors and factors of a product page had been implemented and considered.

For the first-class results, you must add motion pictures to product pages that have already been optimized for user enjoy and SEO. This includes thinking about your rating on Core Web Vitals and whether you have got product schema set up for seo.

Have you visible increase in conversions considering adding wealthy media on your product pages?


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