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Why I Switched From Podia To ThriveCart Learn For My Business

When ThriveCart introduced the brand new feature which would permit me to host all my guides on their platform,Prep-And-Go I jumped ship and worked on the large venture of shifting the entirety over. And when the time got here to notify my customers of the alternate, I were given tons of emails and questions on why I turned into switching over from Podia. People have been questioning what ThriveCart was all about and if it changed into better.


So in this post, I’m going to cowl why I made the transfer, the professionals and cons of both, and what to preserve in mind in case you are thinking about making the transfer too in your business.


But first, permit me come up with the heritage tale of how this came about.

The First Experience With Podia & ThriveCartgemcitybeat
When I first commenced imparting on line guides and applications in my business, I struggled to locate the right tool to help me deliver it. When I turned into simplest selling virtual products, I became using SendOwl and it labored perfectly for me at the time.


Then, when I determined I wanted to release my very own on-line direction, I realized I wished something higher to make certain I had the proper consumer revel in for my college students. And that’s once I selected Podia for my path wishes.


It worked exceptional for more than one years. The direction interface became just what I wished however then I started out to see essential flaws within the checkout technique itself. I joined a collaboration with other business proprietors and provided my direction as a part of a package deal.


This is wherein matters commenced to get difficult for me on Podia. As part of the package deal, I had to deliver customers a chit code to test out for one hundred% off the product and I did so. But then I found out people significantly struggled to find the spot to put their coupon code on Podia.


The checkout vicinity is just a small box that pops up and the coupon code spot turned into a tiny mild grey link that human beings constantly had hassle locating. And this caused humans paying by chance and me having to technique refunds and take the hit on costs. Ouch. Not an excellent use of my time both.
It became irritating that I couldn’t personalize the checkout enjoy. So I decided to put money into ThriveCart just as a checkout cart software program (because that’s all it turned into on the time!)


Things started out to head smoothly for me once more as I used these two equipment together. But then I hit another snag. I needed to use Zapier to connect the entirety due to the fact they did now not seamlessly combine together to enroll my students within the courses.


I simply treated it and paid for Zapier even though I wasn’t a big fan because sometimes this tech installation might have troubles, plus I changed into having to pay for more than one things. Eventually, I began searching around for options. I checked out Teachable and Teachery.


And the same week that I changed into trialing those gear out and doing studies… something befell.


Enter ThriveCart Learn!linuxpatent
The day that ThriveCart introduced their new direction platform function Learn, I changed into floored. My jaw dropped and I couldn’t be more excited about it! I was gaining knowledge of everything for a path platform that could combine with ThriveCart perfectly while not having to use Zapier.


I discovered out that ThriveCart Learn changed into already blanketed due to the fact that I paid the one-time lifetime fee the first time I signed up. It seriously felt just like the stars had been aligned.


They didn’t need to persuade me a great deal extra than that, I immediately played around with it and determined to make the transfer proper then and there.

Along with the declaration of ThriveCart Learn, they shared that there was a Learn+ function that included greater features for every other one-time rate. So I upgraded and it’s been splendid ever seeing that!


So allow me percentage extra details about the functions and pricing of every one so that you can see why I in the end switched over.
Why I Chose ThriveCart / ThriveCart Learn
One-Time Payment

First, I selected to transport from Podia to ThriveCart Learn because I had already paid the only-time fee for the device AND I was also paying monthly/yearly for Podia. It made experience to reduce expenses and cast off the ongoing bills for some thing I already used/paid for.

This may be each a seasoned and a con depending the way you have a look at it. It is brilliant in an effort to take away an ongoing fee, however, the one-time charge tag on ThriveCart is pretty excessive.


It is a one-time charge of $495 for the basics. It is going as much as $690 in case you want to manage and pay affiliates with it. ThriveCart Learn is covered within the regular $495 payment, but to feature on Learn+ capabilities, it’s far a further $195.

I will go over the ones extra features under.


Upsell, Downsell, and Bump Offers
ThriveCart offers upsells, downsells, and bump offers. It is a whole lot greater state-of-the-art for growing functional funnels in your commercial enterprise.

You can add extra reproduction, pictures, and buttons to your funnel with it. With Podia, I turned into only able to add a small photo, brief textual content, and an option to add it directly to their buy. It became no longer very particular or engaging in any respect for clients.


Advanced Affiliate Program Management
Coming lower back to the associate application, I liked having this feature with ThriveCart. Podia does have an associate application choice with their better plan but it isn’t nearly as sturdy as ThriveCart’s associate control device.

Cookie tracking for affiliates only lasts for 15 days and that cannot be changed which changed into a big con for me. ThriveCart permits lots more customization for this.


Flexible Customization For Checkout
Like I noted in the beginning, the checkout process was not very customizable or display preventing with Podia. That’s why I love the massive customization competencies of ThriveCart.

I can upload plenty extra textual content, snap shots, bulleted lists, the bump provide, exchange out the colours, fonts, highlight things, and a lot greater. I additionally have the potential to layout exceptional checkouts like popups, full page ones, and embedded ones.

Course and Memberships
And obviously, with ThriveCart now comes Learn wherein you may host publications and memberships. You do need the higher plan of Podia on the way to host a club on it.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the membership interface with Podia either because it felt like a community club often and I changed into looking to launch a digital product membership so it wouldn’t have labored for my precise case.

There are a few different neat capabilities I love about ThriveCart like evergreen and fixed date countdown timers, designated reporting, and A/B testing for your checkout pages.

Now permit’s dive into the greater functions that come with ThriveCart Learn+ and why I upgraded to it!

What’s Included With ThriveCart Learn+
Included with ThriveCart Learn+ is the bundles feature. This function lets in you to sell bundles of products collectively which is cool!

Team Members
You also get the ability to feature team participants into your account. This is remarkable for larger businesses that want to provide multiple human beings get right of entry to to the ThriveCart account.

Custom Domains
This option allows you to apply custom domain names for your courses and memberships! I clearly desired this option so that you can have seamless domain names that healthy with my enterprise. My membership turned into going to be under a specific call so I turned into able to use a distinct domain for that absolutely. I love this selection!

Featured Content
This is the ability to mark positive modules or classes to be shown as “featured” for your college students

Advanced Sequences
The Advanced Sequences feature permits you to set custom automatic policies for your guides and merchandise. This is extraordinary as it has allowed me to better examine my income.

An example of this is that I set a custom rule that whenever a pupil purchases via an associate, they’re routinely tagged with a tag referred to as “ Affiliate Sale.”

This permits me to quickly check and notice how many of my income are pushed with the aid of affiliates. This is just my very own rule/tag that I set up however the opportunities are endless a good way to set up tags and advanced sequences based totally to your desires.

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