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Report: OpenAI developing a web search engine

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Optimizing search engine visibility:

OpenAI has been growing a web search product, in part powered via Microsoft Bing, a supply told The Information.

This shouldn’t be too surprising, thinking about:

OpenAI has a web crawler, GPTBot.
ChatGPT Plus customers can also use Browse with Bing to search the net.

Microsoft Bing uses OpenAI’s GPT-four, custom designed for seek.

Why we care. OpenAI has created a popular product in ChatGPT and I’ve seen lots anecdotal proof that a few human beings use it in addition to a seek engine. If OpenAI honestly does launch a Search product, it will be really worth looking to see it will become a supply of any good sized natural visitors or cost for manufacturers and agencies.

Look no in addition than Microsoft – a $3 trillion business enterprise – which has didn’t make little development versus Google for 2 many years, even after all the AI Search investments and functions it has rolled out during the last year. See: One year later: Little exchange to Microsoft Bing’s seek marketplace share

Google is Search – it’s far a habit for humans, as pointed out lately in testimony by using Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella throughout the still unresolved Google antitrust trial.


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