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There may be a broken link report in Google Search Console today.

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Optimizing search engine visibility:

Google Search Console link file can be broken or perhaps Google decided to document on fewer hyperlinks in that tool. Many are seeing big declines within the wide variety of links the tool is showing them whilst in comparison to remaining week.

More details. Starting Monday, May twenty seventh, many SEOs started out to notice a decline within the number of links being suggested after which as of this morning, many are noticing huge declines, some even showing zero links being reported within the device.

I am seeing a forty% discount in the hyperlinks suggested nowadays whilst as compared to just a few days in the past.
Bug or function. Google has not but commented on this trouble, so either this is a few kind of reporting glitch – like we noticed the day prior to this with product snippets document – or it’s miles a function, wherein Google is just showing fewer links.

Either way, you aren’t by myself, everyo


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